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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to

Return Policy and Warranties:

  1. Damaged machine

    We make every attempt to package items to protect against damage. If a package arrives to you, and it appears to be damaged (crushed, broken open, wet, or otherwise destroyed), please notify us immediately. Keep all the original packaging! Do not throw the box away or a claim cannot be processed. Any damaged merchandise must be reported to an Electra-Craft customer service in writing within 5 business days of receipt in order for a damaged claim to be processed. Do not attempt to use the machine. If 5 days have passed and/or you have used the machine, items are unable to be processed as damaged. Once reported to us, we will have the shipping company come to your address to inspect the package.

  2. Non-Working unit

    If your unit appears to not be working, you must notify us within 5 days of receipt. Please call customer service at (201) 439-1700. We will try and assist you to get the unit working properly. If we cannot, we will replace the unit.

  3. Return Policy

    For a period of 30 days after you receive your merchandise please keep your receipt, original shipping container, original item merchandise box, packing materials, and all original documents in case you must return the item you ordered for any reason. However, this policy is limited to machines and non-perishable items. Spare parts, frothing pitchers, thermometers, coffee (opened or unopened), and cups cannot be returned. Any ELECTRICAL parts are NOT RETURNABLE!  Shipping is not refundable. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. The original shipping cost will be deducted from your refund (even if shipped with FREE SHIPPING) .You will be responsible to return the item at your expense.

    Please call our customer service number toll-free at (201) 439-1700 from 8 AM - 4 PM Monday-Friday Eastern Standard Time (EST),within 30 days of receiving your merchandise if you would like to return it. Our Customer Service department will send you a form that must be read and replied to before we will issue a Return Authorization number (RMA#). All returns must have a return authorization number in order to be able to be processed. Any merchandise received at our warehouse without an RMA# will be refused. You will assume all responsibility for sending the merchandise to us again. After returned items pass inspection, customers will be credited in the order in which their returned merchandise was received. Any machines that are being returned under the 30 day period, will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

  4. Warranties

    All of the machines that we sell on our website are covered by a one-year manufacturers warranty unless otherwise noted. All of our machines are home machines and they are generally covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty through the manufacturer.This warranty covers parts and labor on your machine for the period of one year. Improper use of the machine can result in the loss of your warranty coverage. Also, please note that once the machine leaves the United States, all warranties are voided. The manufactures do not cover machines that have left the United States, and neither does Electra-Craft, who reserves all rights.

    If your unit needs warranty service, you can contact us and we can advise you if we can handle the warranty for you. We do most warranty work for the manufacturers we sell. If your unit is approved for warranty repair, download the repair order form from our home page and send it in with your unit. We can also take care of any service needs that you may encounter after your warranty has expired.

  5. Instructions when sending in an espresso machine for service.

    Draining the boiler (veny important)

    Prior to sending in your espresso machine, you will need to drain the boiler of any water as to not cause damage to it during shipping. Especially in the winter months when the cold weather easily causes this damage.

    Instructions for draining the boiler on most semi automatic units:

    1. Unplug the machine.
    2. Remove any "loose" parts such as the portafilter handle, drip tray, drip tray grid, etc.
    3. Lay the machine on its back.
    4. Make sure all of the buttons and switches have been moved to the OFF position.
    5. Plug in the machine.
    6. Take a tall container that can hold at least 20oz. of liquid and position it beneath the steam wand.
    7. Tilt the steam wand slightly so that the container will catch any water that is expelled from the wand.
    8. Using the power switch, turn the machine on.
    9. This step will depend on the type of machine you have:
      1. If your machine has a hot water dispensing button, use this button to activate the pump.
      2. If your machine does NOT have a hot water dispensing button, use whichever button and/or knob allows you to dispense water from the steam wand to activate the pump.

    After activating the pump, water should be coming out of the steam wand and being caught in the container placed below.

    1. After water stops flowing from the steam wand, keep your container beneath the steam wand as you tip the machine on its head.
    2. Allow the remainder of the water to drain out into your container.
    3. Once the water flow stops, return the machine to sitting on its back.
    4. Turn off the water flow and main power switches. Your machine's boiler is now drained.

    Instructions for draining the boiler on most super automatic units:

    WARNING! In order to properly drain your super automatic's boiler, the machine must be heated to steaming temperatures. Both the machine and water will be at scalding temperatures. (be careful not to get burned)

    1. Plug in the machine.
    2. Turn the main power switch on.
    3. Using the appropriate buttons/switches, heat your machine to steam temperature. Please note: this step may differ depending on your machine. Please consult your instruction manual if you are unsure how to heat your machine to steam temperature.
    4. Take a tall container that will not conduct heat and can hold at least 20oz. of liquid, and position it beneath the steam wand.
    5. When the machine indicates it has reached steam temperature, use the appropriate steam knob or button to open the steam valve. Water will be extremely hot! Be careful of steam and splashing hot water.
    6. While the machine is releasing steam, remove the water reservoir.
    7. After steam and water stop coming out of the steam wand, use the appropriate steam knob or button to close the steam valve.
    8. Use the appropriate buttons/switches, to turn off the steam production.
    9. Turn off the main power switch. Your machine's boiler is now drained.
  6. Privacy Policy

    We do not release your personal information to any outside source. All information gathered from you while ordering online or by telephone is for our use only! We do not provide your mailing address, email address, or any other personal information to any other vendors or sources. We may at times contact you via email with special offers or information regarding new products. You reserve the right to request to be withdrawn from our mailing list at any time.

  7. Shipping Information

    Most orders are processed and are shipped within 24 to 48 business hours. If you order and item and it is out of stock, we will advise you right away.

    Any shipments outside the contiguous 48 United States will incur additional shipping charges that may not be published on our site. For any orders ouside the 48 contiguous United States, we ask that you call us at (201) 439-1700 to place your order so we may tell you exact shipping charges.

    Any items shipped outsite the United States are considered international. Any warranties will be voided on your items. You will be responsible for any/all duties, brokerage, and/or any other fees associated with the delivery of your item.