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Create delicious treats with coffee, espresso, and ice cream machines from our sales and repair company in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Since 1951, has been selling specialty kitchen appliances including espresso machines, ice cream machines, coffeemakers, coffee grinders, and espresso pods to help satisfy the palates of drink and dessert connoisseurs the worldwide. We also provide repair services and spare part sales to ensure your machines keep working for a long time. Contact us at (201) 439-1700 to speak with one of our skilled staff members today about your dream appliance.

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Coffee & Espresso Machines

Enjoy a bubbling cup of your favorite brew with the help of some of the best coffee and espresso machines available on the market today. You'll find semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines from Ariete™, Espressione™, Illy™, Francis Francis™, Saeco™, Gaggia™, Briel™, Pasquini™, Ranchilio™,Solis™, La Pavoni™ and Nemox™. These ready-to-go coffee and espresso machines are ready to bring the experience of your favorite coffee shop into your own kitchen.

Repair Services

We specialize in the repairing of espresso machines and refrigerated ice cream machines and Dualit appliances. These include machines by: Musso™ Ariete, Briel, Bugatti, DeLonghi™, Dualit, Espressione, Gaggia, Francis Francis, La Pavoni, Nemox, Pasquini, Ranchilio, Saeco, Simac™, Rowenta, T-Fal, Krups, All Clad, Delonghi and others

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Ice Cream Machines

Homemade ice cream is one of the finest treats you can enjoy. We sell Musso™, Nemox™, and Lello™ self-contained, refrigerated ice cream machines. With these you can have a batch of delicious desserts waiting for you. Some of these stainless steel batch ice cream makers are even commercially rated for restaurant use.

Dualit™ Appliances for the Kitchen

Dualit is a 70+ year-old company that specializes in handmade toasters for the kitchen. These high-quality units are made out of stainless steel and are known to last for many, many years. Dualit™ also has various other kitchen appliances for sale, including their Dualit Lite™ line of toasters, hand blenders, hand mixers, percolators, and teakettles. Shop onlie here to see the complete line of Dualit™.

Spare Parts

We sell a variety of spare parts for many manufacturers. Shop online for spare parts from Gaggia, Gaggia Commercial Parts,DeLonghi™, La Pavoni, Simac, Dualit, Saeco, Briel, Espressione, Francis Francis ™ , Nemoxand others. If you do not see the part you need, email or call us and we can assist you. We ship spares WORLDWIDE. Please note, that parts orders should be processed and shipped within 48 hours in most circumstances.

Troubleshooting - ESPRESSIONE

Click here for troubleshooting tips for the Espressione EM series and Concierge

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